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Enjoy and Achieve

We have embraced the excellence and enjoyment initiative and have worked hard to shape and make the curriculum our own. We have tailored our curriculum by being creative; carefully evaluating our pupil strengths and needs. We have placed importance on promoting personal development, basic skills, creativity and physical activity.

teaching and Learning 2Integrated curriculum

What is it?

We have been changing the way we deliver our curriculum. We have moved subjects across the academic year so strong links can be made across several curriculum areas at one time.

We believe that by linking subject areas we enhance concepts taught and enable our pupils to make purposeful connections across subjects. When subjects are linked this becomes an Integrated Learning Unit. The Integrated Learning Unit is given a catchy title to engage the children further.

Does all the curriculum become integrated?

No! Some subjects do not lend themselves to being linked with other curriculum areas; these are known as stand alone subjects and are taught in their own right outside the integrated curriculum.

Ways of learning within our curriculum

The Integrated Learning Units are not just about gaining subject knowledge but developing children as effective learners.

At Kings Meadow we are developing a curriculum that engages and motivates children, facilitating thinking and learning, problem solving and creativity. We believe our curriculum promotes opportunities for our children to develop the skills, knowledge, and personal qualities that will enable them to be successful learners throughout their lives.

For example children will be taught how to work well with others and become collaborative learners who works well with others, confidently putting forward their own ideas whilst accepting those of others. They will be encouraged to listen actively, learn from others and achieve joint outcomes.

teaching and Learning 3English and Maths

We provide our pupils with daily literacy (currently, for the majority of pupils, Read Write Inc) and numeracy lessons where they are taught the knowledge, skills and understanding set out in the National Curriculum. Lessons are sufficiently flexible to meet the learning needs of all children in the context of the subject being taught.

In addition we try to make links between curriculum subjects and areas of learning as we believe this deepens children's understanding as it provides opportunities to reinforce and enhance learning.


Our School provides education and security for children with considerable social, emotional and behavioural needs, with many also having mental health issues. Our very positive approaches from our staff mean that pupils’ trust begins to grow over time. Pupils’ sense of self-worth is nurtured carefully and as they stay in the school longer they learn to, for example, take turns, to accept and then welcome praise, and to persevere.

Paper Copies

We recognise that not all parents and carers will always be able to download our Policies and Reports which are valuable in terms of understanding how we provide support for children. In this instance, if you would like a paper copy of any of the information on our school website, please call the school office on 01604 673730.

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