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The Herons have flown into Stream Classroom!

Herons show kindness and determination, and work together as a team, to make our classroom a fun place to work. Herons enjoy making things in construction and junk modelling. We respect each other and show kindness to our friends. We do fun learning jobs and love doing our handwriting using kinetic letters!

Herons have started Music sessions! Emily-Mae and Lauren come from the Reach for the Stars project, and have begun to teach us about rhythm and how to play new instruments.

Our first session was really great fun!

In Story assembly, Mrs Mathew read us the book Oi, Duck-Billed Platypus. We love the books of Kes Gray, such as Oi, Frog! And Oi Cat! And we noticed they always have lots of rhyming words.

Oi Platypus tells us about how difficult it is to find rhymes for some words, so we set ourselves the challenge of writing our own book, called Oi Herons! Using words that rhyme with our names. We have sent it to Kes Gray, just in case he needs any ideas forhis next story!! We’ll let you know if we hear from him.

Here is our story. We hope you enjoy it!

Oi Herons!

Oi Herons, sit on some melons.


Oi James, sit in the rain.

Oi Elias, come and sit by us.

Oi Phoebe; she is so speedy!

Oi Harvey, play with the Barbie!

Oi Alfie, sit on the TV.

Oi John Paul, sit on the school.

Oi Logan, play with the Nerf gun.


Oi Miss Lees, sit on the bees!

Oi Mr Steele, sit on a wheel.

Oi Miss Robertson, sit in the sun.

Oi Miss Price, sit on the ice.

Oi Miss Shaw, stop being a bore!


Herons, don't sit there,

Do a WAGOLL* on your chair!


*What A Good One Looks Like – when you are showing you’re ready to learn!


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