Our class animal is dragonfly.

In our class we are encouraged to be independent leaners and are supported by the class adults.

We are working hard on our communication and language skills to help us talk about our needs, solve problems and find solutions when things go wrong.

We enjoy working together and enjoy playing team games

We enjoy creative learning and look forward to completing art activities.

We like to celebrate our success and enjoy showing and sharing our work to others. We celebrate both individual and team success with adults in school.

We like to be active and take part in ‘track time’ our morning activity to get our bodies moving and our brains working.

We also enjoy our PE activities and learning new skills with Cam.

This term we are practicing using our social skills and learning to work together as a team.

Our class enjoy special events and enrichment days such as, outdoor learning day and Diwali.

We also enjoy trips out together on the school minibus.

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Our School provides education and security for children with considerable social, emotional and behavioural needs, with many also having mental health issues. Our very positive approaches from our staff mean that pupils’ trust begins to grow over time. Pupils’ sense of self-worth is nurtured carefully and as they stay in the school longer they learn to, for example, take turns, to accept and then welcome praise, and to persevere.

Paper Copies

We recognise that not all parents and carers will always be able to download our Policies and Reports which are valuable in terms of understanding how we provide support for children. In this instance, if you would like a paper copy of any of the information on our school website, please call the school office on 01604 673730.

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