In the Meadow environment your will find Adder class. Here are some of the reasons we chose Adders as our class name. Firstly Adders, just like the children in our class have some amazing qualities. Secondly Adders never stop growing and this is also true of the children who are constantly growing not only in stature but in their ability to learn and help others learn. Next no two Adders are the same and every child in Adders is unique and special. Also a snake is very protective of its young and during this year the children will be learning how to keep themselves safe and help others stay safe. Finally, Adders face many environmental changes which require them to make changes to how they live. Our children live in a changing world and part of our work is helping the children live successfully in a changing world.

Take a look at our photos to see the range of learning opportunities in our classroom.

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Our School provides education and security for children with considerable social, emotional and behavioural needs, with many also having mental health issues. Our very positive approaches from our staff mean that pupils’ trust begins to grow over time. Pupils’ sense of self-worth is nurtured carefully and as they stay in the school longer they learn to, for example, take turns, to accept and then welcome praise, and to persevere.

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We recognise that not all parents and carers will always be able to download our Policies and Reports which are valuable in terms of understanding how we provide support for children. In this instance, if you would like a paper copy of any of the information on our school website, please call the school office on 01604 673730.

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