An Introduction to our School

Around Our School1Kings Meadow School is a day, community, special school for primary aged pupils, who have severe social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Pupils are primarily from Northampton and the south and west of Northamptonshire. All pupils have a statement of educational needs and are referred by the SNAP (Special Needs Assessment Panel).

Our overall aim is to help all pupils who have previously found school a challenge become independent, lifelong learners who are able to regulate and manage their own feelings and behaviour. We have an ethos of “can do” rather than the children feeling they “can't do.”

Kings Meadow School is organised into five class groups, currently, each comprising seven pupils. Pupils’ ages range from Y1-Y6. A variety of factors are taken into consideration when forming class groups, such as age, level of performance, social and emotional maturity.

We believe that familiar and established routines and procedures can support learning. They provide a 'road map' that helps pupils know what to expect. They can support social interactions and establish a sense of security for children (e.g. established procedures around arriving in the classroom, routines for registration, book changing, and circle time). Structure and routines throughout the day helps to provide consistency and a feeling of security for the pupils.

The layout of the classroom, organisation of the outdoor learning environment and provision of resources support inclusive teaching approaches.

Lunchtimes are considered an important part of the pupils’ social education. Some members of staff eat with pupils in small family groups. Hot meals are available. During the lunch break all pupils opt for a lunchtime group run by staff. The aims of these organised activities are to help our pupils to develop their range of social skills including team work, turn-taking, sharing, co-operation and collaboration. Such activities include football, playground games, computer, art & craft and indoor games.