Primary Curriculum for Behaviour

BehavourCurriculum 2Kings Meadow recognises the need to teach pupils social, emotional and behavioural skills and understanding and as such have developed a Primary Curriculum for Behaviour. This curriculum enables staff to plan and deliver social, emotional and behavioural lessons as well as capitalise on opportunities throughout the day.

Our behaviour curriculum package incorporates a national assessment tool and a wide range of group activities which address social and emotional needs.

Software supports the assessment process, identifies appropriate activities and provides a record of individual and group progress over time.

BehavourCurriculum 3The use of activities from this resource are based upon assessment and identified need using the Boxall Profile. Staff have written and compiled over 360 activities grouped under headings such as 'Creative Visualisations', Activities & Discussions', 'Drama Activities', 'Co-Operative Games' etc. Activities are also differentiated according to age i.e. 'Foundation', 'KS1', 'KS2'; and to a key word list including such topics as 'beginnings', 'empathy', 'trust', communication skills' etc.

The majority of activities use a circle time structure for curriculum delivery which has become familiar to many schools in recent years.

The Behaviour Curriculum package also includes the Boxall Profile which, as an assessment tool for emotional and behavioural development, provides valuable on-going pupil records and directly links to appropriate group activities through the use of specially developed software

BehavourCurriculum 1The computer software is an integral part of the behaviour curriculum package. This facilitates the scoring and recording in graph form all data from the Boxall assessment. Later assessments can be added to give a clear record of progression. The facility for assessing group needs is also available. Areas of identified need are then linked to activities to be found in the eight sections of the resource file.

A Primary Curriculum for Behaviour is being used successfully by primary schools in Northamptonshire as part of their PSHE (Personal Social and Health Education) curriculum or as part of their School Improvement Plan for behaviour. It is a flexible resource which can stand alone or become an integral part of the wider curriculum. Its great asset is that it is a resource designed by practitioners for practitioners, and can be used as a group work tool with young children in a variety of settings.

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