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About Our Governors

Governance at Kings Meadow School is currently managed by an Interim Executive Board (IEB).

The IEB was appointed by Creating Tomorrow Trust to support the local governance of the school during a period of rapid improvement and was made with the agreement of the school’s previous governing body.  

While an IEB is in place, it qualifies as the local governing body under Creating Tomorrow Trust’s Scheme of Delegation. It will remain in place until a new governing body is established in a few months’ time.

The IEB’s responsibilities are similar to the local governing body, but its membership is drawn from local governors, trust staff and education experts.

Read the full Terms of Reference for the IEB




APPOINTED by Creating Tomorrow Partnership

Sarah-Jane Astbury 06/06/2024
Vanessa Gilbert 06/06/2024
Hugh Williams 06/06/2024
Dawn Exley 06/06/2024
Conor Renihan 06/06/2024
Vicki Bond 06/06/2024
Oliver Butcher 06/06/2024
Anthea Murphy - in attendance  
Jenny Reeves - in attendance  
Kevin Latham - in attendance  


We are committed to providing an excellent environment for all pupils to enjoy during their time at our school.

If you wish to know more, or are interested in becoming a governor, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..